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Luoyang catering blocks within the food and beverage brands gathered five characteristics

Date: 2015-01-08

Qiming east road characteristic catering blocks: west HuiZu District east flower beds on the chan river, east to the sanitation road, about 300 meters long, about 25 meters wide.The entrance has a stainless steel cross street building, with the characteristic of the islamic street lamp pole is installed on the islamic style of jai.Blocks in nearly 20 restaurants mainly provide halal flavor snack, mutton, beef, fresh soup, meat soup is the food here.
West street restaurant blocks: west landscape door, east to the old city cross street, the total length of about 1500 meters.Block inside there are restaurants 35, "true", "palace royal feast", a large number of "pipe water seats" luoyang water table store distribution on this.
Politics and road characteristic catering blocks: DingDing gate street east, west to hope spring gate street, the total length of about 3000 meters, at present mainly concentrated in the new area Dennis department store nearby.Blocks of restaurants within 30, both "feast all hotel in high-grade hotels," and there was a "real" different water table and luoyang flavor restaurants and "ding co-author Hong Kong style hotpot" exotic flavors such as catering shops, there are a number of features in addition to food and western food store.
Era gourmet leisure port: located at the junction of zhongzhou road and south road of mills and existing catering, entertainment and leisure shops, a total of 15, both for the hui Muslim hotel, and are characteristic of hubei, hunan and other places, restaurants, and the main south Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine and other exotic food establishments.
Wanda plaza restaurant street, located in northeastern flank LiaoNing Road and LiXin road intersection in the wanda plaza, there are 26 restaurants, both the "hundreds of sheep soup bowl" luoyang characteristics such as restaurants, is "crossing the spicy pot" fashion, such as restaurants, and the "Indian music theme restaurant" exotic restaurants, etc.