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Luoyang tourism industry the road of "change"

Date: 2014-11-15

In recent days, the luoyang song county wolong valley scenic area in the province tourism enterprises listed on the first, LuanChuanLong valley bay scenic spot will launch the first domestic airline travel scenic spot, and luoyang tourism industry news continuously at the same time, also is hotly debated.
For scenic spots, travel agencies are channels of choice for most of the scenic spot, is also the most solid relationship.But the investment community there is a saying "don't put the eggs in one basket", some scenic spots are no longer relying too much on travel agency "passive" propaganda, but passed the test of the bold exploration, to let go.Out of the road of the new business, many tourism enterprises to become "the first to eat crab".Baiyun mountain scenic spot of restructuring, luoyang Wan Shanhu tourism development company jointly developed jing purple Angle mountain scenic area "2 a" development train of thought are is the development of the tourism industry to change the "who dares to eat crab".