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The silk road starting point - god in luoyang

Date: 2014-10-22

Luoyang, N dynasties, also known as the god of luoyang, various scenic spots and historical sites may refer to baidu. Considering its in the tang dynasty to the east, therefore to extend the silk road starting point of the article here, well, the god of the silk road luoyang began.
Because spiced boiled are poor swimmers, blood brush day, luoyang reason this article does not cover too many scenic spots and routes, forgive me.
How to go to luoyang?
The question, how something is, the local tyrants, prick silk of the train. Luoyang belong to the big cities, zha to convenient. However, high-speed in luoyang, longmen, a short distance from luoyang city, please note. The train travel advice to luoyang station directly.
Taking a taxi is very cheap in the god (especially for the magic are classmates and tranquility "), however, suggest or bus, line is more convenient, especially from the white horse temple in luoyang city longmen grottoes have bus, very cool.
Go to luoyang to wear?
In the central plains, seasonal.
Luoyang have what good?
Because of halogen boiled in luoyang stay for a day, only expression.
Luoyang, have to mention is water, is called the water table, one is that it cannot leave the garden water water of each dish, the second is the generals on the ground, eating together in together, just like flowing, therefore calls the water table. Water table is the land of luoyang city, listen to the talent, said the old street of water table is to force, which is commendable, a tube of water table, but the huge crowds, basic is no more than two dishes, you pay attention to.
Says to the water table, usually several order, respectively is the peony banquet dishes, meat soup, small croquette, candied sweet potatoes and crisp flesh. Halogen boil eat there is a kind of feeling, of all the dishes are more or less will add pepper, not used to remember the classmates.
Water table called dinner, lunch or dinner to eat. What's for breakfast?
Luoyang native speaking, breakfast usually eat beef soup bubble cakes, legend is to force the beef soup is called Ma Jieshan beef soup, halal food, meat smells, free refill. Here can take a bus, get off at the east flower bed, walk in Muslim street, east street, down to the depths of the Ma Jieshan beef soup is tall. Very hot.