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Luoyang: natural resources "bonanza" Denver cultural tourism

Date: 2014-09-17

From suzhou turn at pingkiang bluestone road bridge to south stone street, walking along the streets for a few minutes and got to Pan Zuyin's former residence. Use the old after ten years of the qing dynasty to repair protect, has now become the flowers hall boutique hotel, guest room price does not poor, but night after night. This is suzhou create "brigade fusion development innovation zone" a microcosm, is also a famous historical and cultural city "freshman" a vivid samples.
Deep integration of historical and cultural resources, speed up and tourism integration development, is the choice of many cities. With creativity, technology driven, converting the cultural potential value to the economic value and social value, is a lot of city transformation and upgrading "gripper".
1. Luoyang, your name is the biggest brand
Culture is the soul of the city, is "diamond" in the development of tourism; Cultural industry is a typical green economy, is the world recognized as "sunrise industry". When it comes to culture, some scholars say that: luoyang, your name is the biggest brand. It is true! Luoyang rich material culture heritage. Traces of the grand canal, the silk LuShen success, let luoyang world-class cultural heritage to achieve 3 item 6, luoyang became a handful of the world heritage securities market; National key cultural relics protection units, 43, white horse temple, longmen grottoes GuanLin three major scenic spots and historical sites ChiYu world; In erlitou site, yanshi mall site, zhou city ruins, 6 cultural site, sui and tang dynasties of luoyang city ruins five are assemble, time span the world rare. Luoyang colorful intangible cultural heritage. Seven state-level non-material cultural heritage, 44 items at the provincial level, municipal 108; 15, suggests that author such as culture, contemporary China's most popular many originated in luoyang... By rights, with advantageous conditions, luoyang should earn "rich", but the reality?
"Embarrassment" culture industry development. In 2012, the unit of legal person of luoyang cultural industry added value 5.2 billion yuan, in henan province ranked fourth, in zhengzhou, xuchang, after opening. Tourism income "". Luoyang 86.0805 million tourists last year, tourism revenue of 48.502 billion yuan. Suzhou last year 94.1633 million tourists, tourism revenue reached 152.29 billion yuan.
2. Around the "treasure" supposed to find open the door "golden key"
In early June, cultural planner QuJinXing planning "yu guangzhong poetry culture of central plains" came to luoyang, after watching the longmen grottoes and other scenic spots, sigh with: luoyang is very rich in cultural resources, but there is a big gap in the marketing and promotion!
Recently, in the city of luoyang cultural industry association held on the BBS of henan cultural industry development of the institute for Dai Song into a blunt: each time to luoyang, left for the ancestors of so many cultural heritage regret and try so hard, the luoyang should do a good job in a big topic - "how to see luoyang henan culture and Chinese culture".
More understanding and more cherish; Love well, it's cut. Tap root, it is not hard to find, leadership system and working mechanism is not sound, water conservancy, Kowloon, market management, each department individually, the scattered layout, construction plan of the city's cultural tourism is not uniform; "Stealth" historical and cultural resources, the development of mining strength is small, most of the material and non-material cultural heritage resources is only potential advantages, there are few direct into economic benefits; Natural tourism resources, lack of depth development, scenic spots of the cultural connotation is not enough, the cultural element not become tourism products, tourist souvenirs cultural creativity, also hard to carry; Cultural industry overall size is small, the overall layout and overall vitality weak, the overall lack of creativity, hard into a pillar industry. Local high tang sancai art master water flourishing, guo love and have such a consensus: luoyang, dotted with cultural symbols, but over the years, around the "treasure" supposed to find the "golden key" open the door.
3. Create culture demonstration zone "luoyang path"
Vice minister of culture trillion Aaron to los research once said: the luoyang peony is very good-looking, whole body is treasure, but can only see can't. If can use the leaves and petals to make bookmarks, there must be a lot of visitors will buy. This is a cultural official "cultural perspective", while the micro, but creative and operational. Dividends, activation dusty history, release culture of luoyang municipal party committee secretary Chen Xuefeng held in the city's leading cadre conference put forward a clear path of "luoyang" : in accordance with the "distinctive, gathered popularity, sustainable" principle, improve luoyang cultural soft power, build the central plains economic zone culture demonstration zone!
"Have a characteristic", is outstanding culture demonstration zone "personality genius". To highlight the luoyang idiosyncratic, let the historical and cultural essence of luoyang in city construction, into the life of the masses, to form a new industry, the luoyang into the most Chinese elements, the most Chinese characteristics and rich Chinese flavor of international cultural city, to ring the unique brand culture.
"Sentiment", is to make cultural demonstration zone "rolling snowball". To scientific plan, the original ecological culture resources development to have the market appeal of cultural products, cultural project, make culture "is the head, interesting and very profitable", make people willing to participate in, to experience, willing to, is willing to leave.
"Sustainable", is a good demonstration area "growth factors" of culture. To deal with the protection and development, the relationship between inheritance and innovation, activate the endogenous development of cultural industry, realize the mutual fusion and mutual promoting culture and economy.
Extremely difficult, it is true to give; Qian wan road, action is a way out. We are delighted to see that some major projects have a breakthrough, sui and tang dynasties of luoyang city country paradise park scenic area promoted to transform, the market operation way, tourists; Luoyang museum to go out in the cultural relics exhibition on think, will be held in Sweden "the tang dynasty in luoyang" exhibition; Luoyang paintings on the walls of ancient art museum (tomb museum) repair technology has been out of henan, continues the mural repair business all over the country...
Change is happening, luoyang, working on a new round of development of the cultural script!