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Our city luoyang theme activities will be held in China tourism day

Date: 2014-05-08

On May 17 to 19, a wonderful tourist carnival feast will be held in Zhou Wang city square
On May 19, is the fourth of this year China's tourism, theme is "happy travel, public welfare huimin". 17 to 19, by luoyang tourism development committee, luoyang daily newspaper group, luoyang business newspaper, luoyang tourism association to undertake luoyang theme activities, tourism carnival feast, our city will be organized and overseas travel unit, send tickets in Zhou Wang city square, coupons, discount CARDS, such as tourism products, make "happy travel, public welfare huimin" into practice, truly universal participation, for the convenience of benefiting the people.
At the scene of the tourism carnival activities, city tourism department will also provide consulting services for the general public, and the scene out proposals, such as tourist map brochure. Organized by luoyang business newspaper, luoyang tourism association "2014 peony festival tourists favorite scenic spot (hotels, travel agencies, tourist commodities) selection" activities, will be unveiled at the scene of the 19 winners, and for the awards ceremony.
At present, the activities have been luanchuan county tourism commission, a new county tourism bureau, ruyang county tourism bureau, laojun mountain scenic area, longtan grand canyon scenic area, west taishan scenic spot blackstone, luoyang, luoyang CITS, luoyang tourism hotel, h prince hotel, datang kilns, peaceful nine volumes of science and technology, luoyang peony kung fu poetry performance company, scenic royal residence, wulongkou scenic spot and so on more than 30 tourism unit support.
The relevant person in charge of the city tourism development committee, said the campaign aims to arouse the enthusiasm for tourism, strengthen the consciousness of tourism and construction attention, participation in tourism, good atmosphere of support, promoting tourism, therefore, activities to attract more scenic spots, travel agencies, catering hotel, tourism commodity enterprises involved brigade enterprises to participate in, take out the real preferential measures to benefit the livelihood of the people, to benefit the people.