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Luoyang peony festival 2014, jinjiang star invite you tasting the peony culture

Date: 2014-04-14

Recently, the 32nd session of the Chinese in henan luoyang, luoyang peony culture festival "in one thousand, the misty peony huacheng" and in the most incredible coming today to meet with the world. Luoyang peony festival this year from April 5 to end on May 5, the mid to late April is the stage of flowering. With peony flowers, from all over the country recently an endless stream of tourists to watch flowers in luoyang, luoyang economy hotel reservation is also very hot, the star of the jinjiang hotel also specially prepared peony seed to luoyang flowers guests from other cities.
Riches and honor peony colourful flowers, luoyang, the culture of the profound ancient capital in one thousand, every inch a stone is intriguing, and luoyang peony is the business card. Peony porcelain derived from peony, peony, peony, and thus the bread peony, peony, peony tea liquor has become the mark of luoyang. A flower a world, the luoyang peony, feeling a delicate and charming, not only is taste of luoyang in one thousand finish.
Everywhere you can see the peony luoyang city in April, including the main flowers location of city park near city, Chinese garden, sui and tang dynasties relics botanic garden, national peony, peony, luoyang international garden, etc.
Dominated a total of more than 200 varieties of 200 peony open. Among them, in the north of city bridge south aloes surrounding the building and bridge the peony viewing area, spring greenhouse temperature control peony has coincided jiao, wins can j.r.cole, etc. 150 varieties of about 12000 plants open. Outdoor natural flowering peony luoyang red, star, zhao powder, bonus and so on more than 50 varieties of about 18500 strains.
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Jinjiang star hotel address: luoyang city park of luoyang jianxi district zhongzhou road no. 68, build way intersection, the hotel is just next to the city park, walking through a traffic light, within 5 minutes, the park to watch flowers to city park is the preferred hotel.