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2014 luoyang leading international hotel, star incarnate the night of the grand opening

Date: 2014-04-16

15 in the evening, in the new district of minzhu road and thick door street leading international hotel, 2014 leading international hotel, star charm the night of the grand opening, the social celebrities from all walks of life gathered in the sail together witness of leading international hotel.
And past the ribbon-cutting ceremony, last night's 2014 pilot star international hotel, the charm of the night, no regular all kinds of rituals, not salute drumming, masterminded a celebration dinner parties, pilot Bai Jinyi invited hotel management international hotel general manager and general staff to cut the ribbon for the hotel and invited from the social from all walks of life friends share a common witness the opening of the pilot and elegant French dinner and celebration reception.
Bai Jinyi said, she wants to prove that leading international is everyone together to create brilliant, is everybody's platform, and hope to grow together with you, share the joys and sorrows, work attentively, achieve!
Bai Jinyi introduction, the leading international hotel is a Chinese elements together with fashion sense of the hotel, room with amorous feelings of different types of theme. With international super five-star standard bed is tasted, 24 hours of personal butler service, you can enjoy SPA, play along while chess, tasting a cup of tea, sing a few songs. Men can have a cigar bar, women can in red wine red wine taste. Reception, for business or individual party, leading international, can always give you the same feeling, and the most comfortable enjoyment.
According to introducing, leading international hotel is invested by henan beauty of hotel management co., LTD. To create a flagship brand of high-end business consumption. Employ well-known designers carefully designed to decorate, into the characteristics of Chinese traditional elements, create the best, the most luxurious business and leisure travelers.
Hotel has 45 rooms, of which the west wing between 21 and precious little hin between 8, warm fragrance garden for 8, natural habitat for 3 rooms, waterside pavilion, between 1 imperial palace between 1 and 2 containing aromatic pavilion. All kinds of present different style room, room decorated elegant and unique, with sweet dream bed room, bath tub, sauna and steam room luxury facilities for you to enjoy.
Hotel has a unique design, elegant decoration, and Chinese restaurants include mergers of the tradition with modern style deduce acme, create the elegant dining room environment, employ special master chef to cook gourmet meal.
Provide more comfortable service to the customer, the hotel recreation center is equipped with warm SPA, zen tea room, red lounge, let you in, things multifarious hectic life experience in the physical and mental balance and coordination, feelings and profound Chinese tea ceremony, elegant taste of red wine life. In addition, the hotel also attached luxurious KTV rooms, swimming pool, gymnasium, business center, luxury exhibit, etc.
Then, after the toast Bai Jinyi to king, the official start of the dinner party, distinguished guests and tasting the intoxicating wine, to enjoy the girl Victoria passionate performances from different region.
Just get dinner party, from zhuhai "women bond" 26 in elegant cheongsam beauty, like the from of old Shanghai s and 40 s, they with amorous feelings, all the way to walk leisurely. This is the night of the last show, "pattern time" cheongsam show "performance.
Dance, this group of love life, elegant and lovely women to let the audience, the audience feel the perfect combination of tradition and fashion culture, they dressed in finery and exquisite and elegant, deduce another youth!
It is understood that "woman" bond of members from all walks of life, zhuhai but when elegant cheongsam and they meet, they make these retro cheongsam coruscate gives fashion and charming breath!
After the qipao shows, and from the city of painting and calligraphy masters, or her, they write congratulations and best wishes for leading international hotel.
In last night's 2014 leading international star hotel, spirit's night after Bai Jinyi tell you, in the days that followed, leading international hotel will be regular planning and all kinds of wonderful activities and party salon, launch a variety of preferential policies and experience the opportunity to strive for more and everybody together of the time, cherish each other's acquaintance happened of fate.