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"Made in luoyang" create new green hotel

Date: 2014-11-09

More than 50000 square meters large hotel, how to use natural gas, and can satisfy the whole hotel all demand of electricity, heat, cold in the day, and effectively reduce the energy consumption at the same time?
This problem, the henan diesel heavy industry co., LTD. With good technology gives the answer. A few days ago, the company sign a contract with a company in xian, the production of the gas generator used in a top hotel in xian. This is the river wood is heavy gas generating set's first foray into the distributed energy market, the company become rare foray into the domestic market of gas machine manufacturing enterprises, this will be the domestic manufacture of distributed energy, play the part of demonstration role localization development.
River wood is heavy industry relevant controller introduces, distributed energy products of this enterprise supply by a 620 l6 and a 620 v8 gas generator set, products with natural gas as main fuel, turns a generator to produce electric power, supply the user. System power generation by waste heat recovery of waste heat from the back of used equipment to the user heating, cooling, let the hotel need to consume natural gas, can realize the daytime hotel within the scope of more than 50000 square meters area of electricity, heat, cold trigeneration.
The responsible person, different from traditional coal centralized power supply, natural gas distributed energy thermal efficiency is higher. The perfection of coal centralized power supply efficiency is about 46%, comprehensive overall efficiency of energy utilization of natural gas distributed energy more than 78%. In addition, the gas emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, distributed generation are far below the coal-fired units, is a new, more clean way of generating.
Under the state council issued "twelfth five-year" plan of energy development, vigorously develop natural gas distributed energy, and to determine the built about 1000 gas distributed energy projects, 10 or so each has its own characteristics of natural gas distributed energy demonstration area of the target. Chai river heavy industry since 2006, begin to pay close attention to and is committed to research and development of "green power" products, targeting the world's advanced power, build high-end brands, has successfully developed many gas machine models, mastered the key technology and application of gas machine manufacturing, models for the 620 gas machine also received national energy science and technology progress prize.
"At present, the distributed energy in China is still in its infancy. Distributed energy projects in China is less, and mostly use imported products." The official said, the river wood products in the field of distributed energy applications, a new "green" hotel, not only to achieve the zero breakthrough in enterprise in the field of the market, also in the national promotion laid the groundwork for future products. In energy conservation and emissions reduction and energy optimization and utilization of environment, good application in the field of wood products in the river to the domestic manufacture of distributed energy, play the part of demonstration role localization development.