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Luoyang luanchuan summer experience and luanchuan green tree property hotel meeting

Date: 2014-08-05

On August 2, the most romantic traditional Chinese festival holiday Chinese valentine's day that day, summer experience and luanchuan green tree property hotel meeting was held in luanchuan county jun yue Long Hao hotel. From Beijing, Hong Kong, zhengzhou, luoyang, a total of more than 300 people attended the meeting. Meeting, the relevant person in charge of luanchuan county brigade committee in view of the beautiful luanchuan, from the perspective of leisure, vacation, summer, pension and other interpretation in detail; Green tree hotel management company in henan area vice President explained the foray into the cause of luanchuan, the scene also performed "the most gorgeous national wind" "little apple" rich and colorful programs, such as the exciting lucky draw activities. Luanchuan brigade committee officials said, the fusion of the real estate industry and tourism of luanchuan at first is the potential of the real estate industry with the aid of tourism promotion, but with more attention and real estate company to join, believe that will soon be formation, luanchuan the checking train travel such as new products, these products in the surrounding cities, will feedback luanchuan tourism, attract more tourists. Luanchuan green tree hotel organize such activities, starting from the tourism, according to the market positioning, with their estate publicity slogans, and create the new luminescent spot of luanchuan tourism - travel to luanchuan the checking. The event organizers, said hope that through this activity, let more people understand luanchuan, fall in love with the beautiful scenery of luanchuan, choice of vacation in luanchuan summer, at the same time, also can consider in luanchuan investment real estate. Luoyang planning association were invited to attend this seminar ShangGuiHua think, for the green tree in luanchuan, in addition to sharing the tempting timeshare hotel "cake", but should also focus on henan ShenYou real estate co., LTD., strategic cooperation with green tree. Because of the success of the strategic cooperation, not only conducive to luoyang "tourism city" strategic plan implementation, and will exert positive effects on construction of tourism standardization of luoyang. Were invited to attend this seminar of Beijing star beauty art treasure wine-producing region culture company chairman said, we are looking forward to luanchuan green tree hotel project starts, no property in fill strong county of national famous tourism luanchuan tourism hotel blank at the same time, can become luoyang tourism demonstration project of form a complete set of project construction.